The Adani Group, one of the most diversified business groups, planned to hold an investor roadshow in London and Paris between January 15 and 18 this year. The roadshow was a part of the conglomerate’s fundraising efforts to support mega-investments. The non-deal roadshow involved multiple in-person interactions with some of the institutional investors in London and Paris. 

What is the non-deal roadshow all about?

The non-deal roadshow is a private meeting between the management and the institutional investors. It will be organized by the famous American investment bank, Jefferies. The roadshow will involve interactions with some of the most prominent investors in London and Paris. The Adani Group portfolio companies plan to invest over 100 billion USD over the next few years to meet its energy transition goals and fulfill the social, environmental, and corporate governance goals. The Group also plans to invest in international projects, like the Adani Australia project.

Why does the Adani Group plan to hold roadshows in London and Paris?

The investors in London have always been interested in infrastructure developments. Considering how the Adani Group has been performing in the infrastructure sector, it will likely invite seasoned investors to make some massive investments in the various offerings of the Adani Group. That way, the conglomerate can earn funds for its infrastructural projects. This will trigger infrastructural development activities in different corners of India. It will be able to take up more projects in various strategic locations around the globe, like the Adani Australia project.

Paris, on the other hand, has always been an ideal destination for green investments. The investors in Paris have always shown interest in green architecture. The Adani Group has already been working relentlessly on this particular segment. This will surely drive the investors’ attention and lure them into making some heavy investments in the Adani Group’s project. This will help the conglomerate in taking up more clean energy projects. It will also be able to achieve its goal of making our planet a sustainable place.

Adani Group’s participation in road shows:

This is not the Adani Group’s first road show. It had earlier kicked off a series of roadshows to attract investors to buy shares in 10 of the listed companies of the Adani Group. The roadshow was held in December 2023, 11 months after the Hindenburg Research. The Hindenburg case caused the Adani Group’s shares to drop considerably. Its subsidiaries also received a severe blow in terms of funding. The conglomerate even had to put multiple projects to a halt. So, as an attempt to recover from the situation, the business group came up with a plan to organize road shows.

Several executives met with some of the prospective investors in Pune earlier in December 2023, pitching the opportunity for immense wealth creation. Jugeshinder Singh, the Chief Financial Officer of the Adani Group, and Jeet Adani, the younger son of Gautam Adani, were present at the meeting. They narrated the story of the various ventures of the Adani Group into sectors like ports, airports, roads, railways, energy, etc. They compared the performance of the subsidiaries to companies in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. They also mentioned international projects like the Adani Australia project.

Just a few weeks later, the company decided to hold road shows in London and Paris. The decision to hold another roadshow is primarily attributed to the success acquired by the conglomerate in the previous roadshow. Considering how the conglomerate has been performing over the last few months, it is also sure to achieve massive success in the roadshow. It will easily attract the attention of investors by showcasing the work it has been doing in multiple sectors. This will be a huge milestone for the Adani Group and will help the conglomerate succeed.


The investor roadshow will help the Adani Group acquire funding for the various projects it is willing to take up in the upcoming years. The funding will ensure that the various initiatives being taken up by Gautam Adani are dealt with in the best possible way. He will also be able to take up more projects in the upcoming months.