No.1 Coco Cola

Coco Cola: If We Talk About Coco Cola We Will Think That Coco cola Is A Cold Drink. Yes You Are Right But Let Me Tell You One Thing.

That Coco Cola Was Not A Cold Drink When It Was Made By Two Scientists.They Were Making A Medicine For Headache Or Something But When They Tasted It.

The Taste Was Really Awesome And Rest Is History. People Accepted It As A Cold Drink And Coco Cola Become Very Famous Cold Drink In All Over The World.

Competitors : Coco Cola Became Very Famous Cold Drink Brand  And People Loved It A Lot But So Many People Came In Market. As A Competitors Like King Cola , Pepsi ,  And Other Cold Drink Brand They Gave Tough Competition To Coco Cola.

 But Instead Of Coco Cola The Test Of Other Cold Drink Brands Were Not As Better As Coco Cola Had. And It Was Not Good For Other Brands.

 Because People Loved The Test Of Coco Cola And Other Brands Didn’t Match The Taste Level Of Coco Cola Because Coco Cola Had Its Own Secret Recipe .

This Is The Secret Behind The Popularity Of Coco Cola And It Became More Than Hundred Years But Still People Loves The Taste Of Coco Cola A Lot.

No.2 Potato Patty Of Burger

Potato Patty Of Burger: We Can See The Flat Patty Of A Burger Easily In Every Mcdonald’s Or Other Restaurants. But Do You Know ? That The Actual Shape Of Patty Was Round In Shape .

Yes You Listened Correct . The Actual Shape Of Patty Was Round In Shape Many Years Ago . And Due To That Round Shape Of Patty It Used To Take More Time To Cook.

And People Had To Wait Much To Get Their Patty And Due To The Wait  For The Patty Some People Used To Do Fight With The Chef.

How Flat Shape Of A Patty Becomes Famous Instead Of Round Shape Patty

One Day One Person Was In Hurry And He Asked For A Patty Immediately. But Round Shaped Patty Took Time To Be Cooked. But That Person Was Not Ready To Listen Anything  And Said I Want A Patty Right Now .

So The Chef Flatted That Round Shaped Patty Because He Got Angry From That Customer. And He Realized That Patty Took Only Few Minutes To Be Cooked And Chef Got Amazed And He Started Doing The Same Thing (Flat The Round Shaped Patty)

It Took Few Days But People Accepted That Flat Shaped Patty Instead Of Round Shaped Patty .Flat Shaped Patty Took Less Time To Be Cooked Rather Than Round Shaped Patty .

 It Saved The Time Of Customer And One Day Chef Added Buns With The Patty And People Loved The Taste Of This Food Item .

All People Whether They Are Child, Woman, And Old People All People Liked The Taste Of Burger And Flat Patty And Rest Is History.

Traditional Oven Cooked Pizza:

 If We Talk About Pizza. Majority Of People Have Eaten Pizza But Have You Ever Tasted The Tradition Local Pizza By Local Cook .

 If You Eat Tradition Pizza With Italian Style You Will Start Licking Your Fingers . Because The Taste And Crunch Of Traditional Pizza Is Different From Normal Pizza.

 This Pizza’s Baked In Different Type Of Ovens And Traditional Pizza’s Get Their Different Test  From The Different Type Of Oven That The Local Chef Use To Cook Pizza

Is Pizza Hut And Other Restaurant Makes Traditional Pizza’s :- To Make Traditional Pizza We Need  Ovens That Made By Different Kind Of Bricks And It Takes Much Time To Be Cooked.

But Pizza’s That We Eat In Restaurant Cooks Earlier Compare To Traditional Pizza’s That Is Why They Didn’t Make Traditional Pizza To Save The Time Of Customer .

But The Normal Pizza Is Also Very Testy As Traditional Pizza So The Both Pizzas  Are Good .

Is Eating Junk Food Bad For Our Health :

Every People Loves To Eat Junk Food Specially Children . Children Like To Eat Pizza, Burger, Momos  And Etc. Due To Eating This Kind Of Junk Food. Their Parent Got Worried About Their Health .

Their Parent Got Worried About Their Health Because Due To Eating Junk Food Regularly Their Metabolism Will Increase And They Would Become Fat And Unhealthy.

But The Solution Is That Eating Junk Food Twice In Week Or Once In A Week Is Not A Bad Idea . If Your Children Eat Any Type Of Junk Food But Not Daily It Won’t Affect Your Children’s Health.

 Eating  Junk Food Daily Can Affect Your Health But If You Eat Junk Food Seldom Ely It Will Not Make You Unfit .