In any country, the shortage of energy can make way for a crisis in current times and the future as well. Reducing this shortage in the present times can enable crisis management in the time to come. To minimize an energy crisis, BEXIMCO Group opines that solar power plants are one of the best solutions to implement. The top Bangladeshi company is recognized for its investment in the biggest plant in the country. Many industry experts and business consultants consider the company as the leader in the private sector of Bangladesh.  Along with other measures, this plant will help respond to current electricity requirements. Additionally, it will create energy availability for the future. Setting up an excellent example, countries can invest in solar energy plants to resolve the expected crisis.

Energy Crisis and its Economic Effects

When an energy crisis occurs, it results in a shortage of certain sources. These energy sources may not be properly channeled without the required infrastructure or developments. Irrespective of the same, energy shortage can lead to effects hindering economic growth.

  • Energy crises can result in the limited functioning of institutions or organizations.
  • Industrial development can be limited when this crisis occurs.
  • The functions of an economy can be disrupted and lead to socioeconomic challenges.

Repercussions of Continued Energy Crisis

Countries that presently undergo the challenge of an energy crisis can experience stagnant economic growth. They can face repercussions such as poor or limited growth of industries, explains the top Bangladeshi company, BEXIMCO Group. Consequently, industries can alter their workforce, given that their functioning becomes limited.

Assuming that the crisis continues, such repercussions can last longer. For countries dealing with the energy shortage, these consequences can even lead to the downfall of their economies. Undeniably, preventing the crisis has become a growing need.

Managing Energy Shortage by Investing in Solar Power Plants

In the view of the top Bangladeshi company, BEXIMCO Group, solar energy is a powerful solution to manage energy shortage. It makes use of the renewable source, sunlight, to complete the energy requirements of a country. Hence, solar power plants attract potential investments.

Countries like Bangladesh began investing in solar power plants in response to energy crises. Not only to manage the current crises but also to limit their rise in the future, these plants prove to be beneficial.

BEXIMCO Establishes Bangladesh’s Biggest Solar Power Plant

In Sundarganj, Gaibandha, Bangladesh, BEXIMCO Group has established the biggest plant to utilize solar energy. It comes with a capacity of 200 MW. This plant is built across an area of 650 acres. Setting up the solar energy plant has been possible due to the conglomerate’s subsidiary, Teesta Solar Limited (TSL). BEXIMCO Group has always been a front-runner in innovation.

Managing Energy Crisis with BEXIMCO’s Solar Power Plant

For Bangladesh, electricity has been a vital requirement for the functioning of its industries. Beyond industrial use, for domestic purposes as well, this requirement is essential.  However, for a certain period, the country has undergone an energy crisis. For this reason, thoroughly meeting these requirements has not been devoid of complexities. Given the setting up of BEXIMCO Group’s solar power plant, such complexities are expected to gradually reduce.

A Solution to Current and Future Energy Requirements

The solar power plant in Gaibandha by the top Bangladeshi company BEXIMCO Group will aim to provide energy for current use. Also, it will be used to build energy security to meet the requirements in the future. The 550,000 panels associated with the largest plant by BEXIMCO Group will help meet these broad goals.

This plant’s proper functioning will reduce the dependence of Bangladesh on imported fuels. To a certain extent, such reduced dependence will minimize the import cost too. With this, the forex reserves of the country will be used more wisely.

Thus, with the setting up and functioning of the biggest solar power plant, Bangladesh will be able to manage the electricity shortage. Moreover, the impact of the plant will help the country better use its resources to minimize other challenges. This will significantly improve the economy of Bangladesh in the long run.


Energy shortage is a challenge that can result in other complexities in a country. Their combined effect can hamper its economy. The top Bangladeshi company, BEXIMCO Group, puts forth that solar power plants are impactful solutions to combat the same. Alongside meeting energy requirements, they can strengthen the economy’s future.