In today’s fast-paced digital world, verifying facts before sharing anything is important. Individuals can utilize various modes of social media to verify the facts behind any misinformation. Despite doing this crucial verification, people start taking a massive interest in sharing surprising, shocking, and sensational information. Although misinformation contains a bit of origin from where it started, it doesn’t mean it holds the entire truth. The current context is about assessing the truth behind the Kissht Banned rumor. We will examine how much reality there is and will try to separate fact from fiction. Before proceeding, it’s important to find out the origin of this rumor. To evaluate the fact, let’s elaborate how it all started.

How much reality is there in the claim of Kissht Banned?

Different reports provide conflicting information about Kissht Banned, but people remain suspicious about believing in them. They might have doubts in their minds, so we have arrived at the appropriate conclusion to everything in this matter. The app was banned but was immediately revoked within a couple of hours. Kissht started all its services immediately, and not even a single customer faced any inconvenience during the entire controversy.

Was Kissht banned due to any unethical actions taken by the app?

The Kissht app follows strict RBI guidelines and aims to achieve its financial goals only through ethical measures. By the time the controversy began, Kissht was following the same ethical policy to foster financial inclusion and was helping more and more users connect with its services and avail benefits. The regulatory agency in India discovered that some FinTech apps don’t follow RBI’s guidelines. The agency started an investigation to evaluate whether they were involved in any suspicious activities. Upon investigation, it was found that there were a total of 232 apps that were found guilty. They were alleged for applying unethical business practices and also had business relations with China-operated firms.

The investigative agency gave Kissht a clean chit for following all the rules and guidelines. All its business partners are credible, trusted, and RBI-registered. Kissht also holds all required permissions and certifications issued by RBI, and the app took no unethical actions. Even though following all these, the app faced the implications of Kissht Banned. So, by now, you have the idea that the app was never involved in any wrongdoing, and it has always followed the rules and guidelines to set benchmarks in the financial regulatory landscape.

If the app did nothing wrong, then why was Kissht Banned?

Sometimes, someone else’s small negligence can create disastrous situations for others. That is exactly what happened in the matter, as Kissht Banned was just an implication of negligence. At the time of taking action against guilty 232 apps, an error occurred. There were similar-sounding apps like Kissht on the list, and hence, the app also faced the consequence of it. The app got banned immediately, even if its name was not on the list of guilty apps.

What was the first course of action to deal with the challenge of Kissht Banned?

Kissht’s officials were clueless when they found that the app is not working. They soon realized the actual cause and explored the entire matter with the associated agency. The agency immediately revoked the ban and explained how it happened due to an error. Kissht was clueless about the matter because that mistake had already damaged its reputation.

Adding gossip to controversies can bring excitement to anti-social elements only. People who trust an authentic and credible brand need detailed information to believe in rumors related to Kissht Banned. The same tendency should be followed everywhere because verifying the facts is essential to differentiate between the truth and fiction. By improving your critical thinking and decision-making skills, you can easily counter such misinformation. It’s vital to explore here that the Kissht app always remains committed to bringing the most innovative FinTech models and cutting-edge tools to enhance the customer experience.