Aishwarya rai bacchan’s daughter aaradhya bachchan performed a wonderfull performance at her school’s annual day function. Her dialogue delivery and wonderfull performance made her mother Aishwarya rai bacchan proud.

As well as her father the way she was doing her act in the annual day function was really appreciable and the proud of aaradhya bachchan’s mother aishwarya was shown when she started recording her daughter act in her phone as every mother does.

After a long time media and people watched aaradhya bachchan performing and speaking something in front of everyone. Because before this nobody had seen any act of aradhya bacchan.

Aradhya bacchan’s unique hairstyle

aaradhya bachchan unique hair style forhead covered with hairs making her fans amazed always her cute looks in her hairstyle is also the reason behind her media attraction. Before her performace at dhirubhai ambani international school’s annual day function nobody had seen the new avatar of aradhya bacchan.

Nobody knows that aaradhya bachchan acting skills are really awesome. Even if she will take some time to act like her mother the way aaradhya bachchan mother did acting in her movies her daughter has to work really hard to achieve that milestone. But her performance at her school function  had shown her verstality

aaradhya bachchan forhead revealed!

aaradhya bachchan performance was really awesome but the main reason behind her viral vidoes were her new hairstyle in which her forhead was easily visible.

Before this nobody had seen her forehead her new hairstyle making her look goes viral media covered all her act videos that she performed at dhirubhai ambani international school’s annual day function. She looking so pretty in her new hairstyle. Even if people have the funniest reaction on her hairstyle at her school function but most of the people liked her new hair style a lot

Conterversy between aishwarya and abhishek bacchan

Inspite of the rumors of sepration of aishwarya and abhishek bacchan.  aaradhya bachchan family attended the function at dhirubhai ambani international school that motivate aradhya a lot and it could be the reason she performed very well to show her talent of acting to her family that she is not less then them in acting sklills.