As we all knows that the role of ranbir kapoor in movie was really amazing the way he put his dialogues was just another level. His acting, fighting, action, drama, romance etc. All act was really appreciable and the director & writer of the movie animal is Sandeep reddy vanga who wrote an amazing and inspiring movie for their audience.

Villain Character In Animal Movie !

Even if ranbir kapoor played  the important role in the movie. But most of the teenagers and youngster along with old people and ladies as well loved the role of abrar (bobby deol character in the animal movie) liked a lot bobby deol played a role of silent villain in that movie who didn’t speak a single word in the movie animal. Because he played  the role of mute character in movie. But his villain swag his acting the way he performed his negative character in the movie was really outstanding.

New look of bobby deol in movie

As we know booby deol worked in housfull movie series as well but he didn’t got as much fame as he got after doing animal movie. Many People says that bobby deol’s new look the beard look inspiring his fans a lot and this is the reason of his comeback but this is just the rumour.

The actual fact is the amazing acting of booby deol  in animal movie was the reason behind getting love and support  by people. But It doesn’t mean that booby deol didn’t play good in his previous movies. He did But in movie the acting level was unbeatable and this is the reason behonf getting lots of love from his fans

Role of rashmika mandanna in movie

rashmika mandanna as geetanjali in the movie she played the role of a  strong woman in the animal movie inspiring lot of girls. Her first look from the movie was so addorbale. Her fan following is just another level now days and according to a report she was one of the most searched actor as well.  her acting in south indian movies was as much good as indian film industry couldn’t stop themselves to cast her in indian movies.

Is animal movie could impact bad on teenagers

If we talk about bad imact of animal movie on teenagers we feel that some scene of the movie as having alcohol the nudity and some irrelevant scene could Impact bad on Children. But The only this is good guidance is everything movie is not a single movie in which actors having alcohol may old movies are also having alcohol scene and item songs as well without any good story line. So we couldn’t blame a movie for impacting bad children.

Is animal movie blockbuster?

After many rumours movie is now blockbuster hit movie. movie collected 600 Cr gross worldwide With the help of outstanding act by the all actors including director, writer and all the staff specially the villain and the hero character.